Urban art intervention in a segment of the Berlin Wall.  Berlin, Germany.


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  Chilean - Spanish painter

  based in Spain since 2001.

Featured exhibition:

Oscar Villalón en Image & imagination.

“Image and Imagination” China-Europe Culture

and Art Exchange Exhibition.

Alejandro DeCinti |

Antonio DeCinti |

Oscar Villalón |

Cao Yang |

Feng Mingqing |

Liu Chengchuan |

Liu Jiawei | Liu Xun |

Long Fei | Yang Ruihong |

Yang Yong |

Zhuang Zi

Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid

Casa Europa


Eska Cultura, Nongyuan Group y CBA

B11061963. Oleo sobre lienzo. Oscar Villalón
Oscar Villalón in Cinema for Peace 2018 - Gala / Auction 
Cinema for peace Invitatio Gala 2018
Official Film Poster "La educación del Rey" selected for the cover of the Official Journal of the
San Sebastian Film Festival 2017


Cinema for Peace 2018

February 19

Bebelplatz Berlin Germany

On February 19th, 2018, Cinema for Peace 2018 gala and auction took place at the Rome Hotel in Bebelplatz, Berlin. One of the works of the series Trabilogie: B11061963 was auctioned along with other works by Anselm Reyle, Markus Hoelen, Eran Sheine, Andy Warhol, Jean Yves Klein, among others.

The event featured the presentation of Jaka Bizilj y Nastassja kinski


Official film poster La Educación del Rey of Santiago Esteves

Poster for the cover of the Official Festival Newspaper

Zinemaldia 2017

La educación del Rey

A film by Santiago Esteves nominated in the San Sebastian Film Festival 65th edition

"La educación del Rey", dirigida por Santiago Esteves, debuta hoy en el prestigioso

 festival internacional de cine. por Laureano Manson

"La sombra de Melville en una brillante película argentina"

 por Julio Feo Zarandieta

Interview with cannel “Chile al mundo Todos TV” Chile-Segovia, a poetic encounter

On April 26th, 2017, started the “Encuentro poético Chile-Segovia” at the Cárcel de Segovia Centro de Creación. The exhibition was a selection of the current Chilean artistic work in Europe.

Production: Chile al mundo TodosTV

Interview at the Chile University radio

Programm: "Citoyens@Pecados y Virtudes de la Ciudad" 102.5 FM Radio Universidad de Chile.

Held on Friday, August 12, 2016 at 8:00 p.m.

Host: Verónica Araya
Production: Carla Diaz Riveros
Camara director: Ivan Moya

Prominent exhibition:



April 26, 2017


"Cataloguing Oscar Villalón and Alejandro Decinti, as merely two realist painters sheds little light on the obsessions and preoccupations comprising the works of these two effectively contemporary artists.

Although their images, every single one of which is the fruit of conscientious study and analysis, clearly reveal their concern for the relationship between man and his environment, their coming closer to what is figurative does not occur as an act of rebellion against what is technological and global but rather puts forward a multidisciplinary dialogue. Nothing is simple or left to fate but just the opposite; the conscientious study is part of a creative attitude where all that is formal is a vehicle to express a topic and vice-versa, the only important thing being the end result....." 

Villalón. Art and Craft.

Anthology book about works produced between 2001-2016. Introduction by Art Historian Raúl Alonso, reviews by Jesús Cámara, Gonzalo Martner, Felipe Sabatini Downey. 164 pages, 105 full - colour illustrations.

DV Ediciones. 2016

Price: 45€. Purchase of copies on request.