"Extended to the South from the European Continent there is a peninsula that penetrates into the Mediterranean Sea, about 800 kilometers long and whose shape closely resembles that of a boot.It has a well-shaped tip and a high heel. In Italy, a state that became the largest, the most powerful and the most respected of antiquity, was born in its beginnings, a small city, but over the years it came to dominate all the territory included. between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caspian Sea, and from the Isle of England to the Upper River, his system of government had many defects, but it was the one that most approached the time of prosperity, for centuries, a world that had been shaken by continuous wars, and when it finally collapsed, the times that followed were so hard and miserable that over the years it was judged retrospectively as a time of greatness and happiness. "

Fragment of the Roman Republic of Isaac Asimov

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En el Palatino (Roma), 2007

Oil on wood. 16 x 11 in

Amore e Psiche. (Ostia Antica. Roma), 2005 

Oil on wood. 19.6 x 11.2 in

Piazza Navona, 2004 

Oil on canvas. 48 x 19.6 in

Estudio de ruinas. (Ostia Antica, Italia), 2006

Oil on wood. 6.2 x 9 in

Bar della Pace, 2004 

Oil on wood. 21.2 x 14.5 in

Via della Pace, 2004

Oil on wood. 21.2 x 14.5 in

Ponte Garibaldi (Roma), 2005

Oil on canvas. 12 x 15.7 in

Barrio de Termini (Roma), 2004

Oil on canvas. 35.4 x 18.5 in

Pitigliano (la Toscana), 2005 

Oil on canvas. 19.6 x 47.2 in

Sovana (La Toscana), 2005 

Oil on canvas. 11 x 25.9 in

500 Rosso, 2013 

Oil on canvas. 19.6 x 24 in

500 Blu, 2013 

Oil on canvas. 19.6 x 24 in

La Piazzetta, 2008

Oil on vanvas. 51 x 39.3 in

Atardecer en el Gran Canal, 2008

Oil on canvas 38 x 23.6 in

Desde la Piazzetta, 2008

Oil on canvas. 48 x 19.6 in

Gran Canal, 2008

Oil on canvas. 39.3 x 27.5 in

Góndolas, 2008

Oil on canvas. 28.7 x 21.2 in

Cúpulas, 2008

Oil on canvas. 18 x 14.9 in

Campanario, 2008

Oil on canvas. 39.3 x 31.8 in

Gondolero, 2008 

Oil on canvas. 25 x 21.2 in

Vaporetto, 2008

Oil on wood. 25.5 x 19.2 in

Gondolero II, 2008

Oil on canvas. 9.8 x 18.5 in

Góndolas del Gran Canal, 2008

Oil on canvas. 9.8 x 27.5 in

Gondolero I, 2008

Oil on canvas. 9.8 x 18.5 in

Luces y reflejos, 2008

Oil on wood. 18.8 x 10.6 in

Puente, 2008

Oil on canvas. 16 x 9.4 in

Ponte di Rialto, 2008

Oil on canvas. 12.9 x 18 in

Reflejos y puente, 2008

Oil on wood. 12.9 x 16.5 in

Piazza di San Marco, 2008

Oil on canvas. 31.4 x 39.3 in

Bajo el Puente, 2008

Oil on canvas. 16 x 9.4 in