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“Image and Imagination” China-Europe Culture and Art Exchange Exhibition


Alejandro DeCinti | Antonio DeCinti | Oscar Villalón | Cao Yang | Feng Mingqing | Liu Chengchuan | Liu Jiawei | Liu Xun | Long Fei| Yang Ruihong | Yang Yong | Zhuang Zi


Sichuan Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles Sichuan Artists Association Chengdu Federation of Literary and Art Circles Chengdu Culture, Radio and TV, Press and Publication Bureau Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce Chengdu Municipal Tourism Administration Host Party Chengdu Nongyuan Culture and Art Promotion Co., Ltd .




Trans Art International ESKA BUSNINESS SL Círculo de Bellas Artes



As an exhibition brand for Nongyuan Group, the "Image and Imagination" - the exchange exhibition of Chinese and foreign artists has been successfully held in 40 countries, such as France, Germany, New Zealand, Hungary, Russia, Mauritius on four continents ( Europe, Africa, Oceania, Asia) since its founding in 2012. With more than 100 activities such as international exhibitions, forums and academic halls, it seeks to offer artists who participated in the Nongyuan residency program the opportunity to address and expand their international influence.

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