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Information / analysis and comments
Story about the Berlin Wall
Trabant parade through the East Side Gallery in Berlin
Art and craft
Art and craft / Raul Alonso
Interview by Veronica Araya
The new realism is not just the image, it is having a language, a discourse / Veronica Araya
 Home Part IV. Oil on canvas, 200 x 150 cm. 2015.jpg
About simplicity and slight disturbances of feeling / Jesus Camera
Venice Exhibition 2008
Of the memory of affections and the imagination of nostalgia / Jesús Cámara
Mirada de Otoño. Óleo sobre lino, 30x40 cm. 1997.jpg
Complementary views /Raul Alonso
Oscar Villalón Workshop.jpg
Forms and Methods /Raul Alonso
Captura de pantalla 2023-11-16 a las 21.43.30.png
Biptico Oscar Villalón
Chilean realism in Spain /Gonzalo Martner
Mercury Newspaper
Chilean painters do school in Madrid /Rocío Montes Rojas(Spanish version)
Trabilogie Invitation
access to the Migrations exhibition
MIGRATIONS / 47th International Cervantino Festival / Don Quixote Iconographic Museum. Guanajuato, Mexico.
“Complete looks” Chile - Segovia a poetic encounter
Nordart 2016
“Nord Art 2016” Arauco Gallery, Nürenber, Germany
Arauco Gallery Nuremberg
2012 Air Force
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