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Complementary Looks / Raúl Alonso

Cataloguing Oscar Villalón and Alejandro Decinti, as merely two realist painters sheds little light on the obsessions and preoccupations comprising the works of these two effectively contemporary artists.

Although their images, every single one of which is the fruit of conscientious study and analysis, clearly reveal their concern for the relationship between man and his environment, their coming closer to what is figurative does not occur as an act of rebellion against what is technological and global but rather puts forward a multidisciplinary dialogue. Nothing is simple or left to fate but just the opposite; the conscientious study is part of a creative attitude where all that is formal is a vehicle to express a topic and vice-versa, the only important thing being the end result.

With a figurative repertoire that seeks the essence of the shape of objects and configures a space as a living entity, these two brilliant young artists incline towards a vocabulary that is essence-explicit in order to penetrate the rich possibilities of a plastic dialogue between painting and reality. Therein resides the modification of all that is ordinary to elevate it to the category of the sublime as part of a conceptual approach. The painting is then charged with more than one meaning, it contains the surprise of the artist before the unknown, before those tangible heights where to record its interpretation simply requires a minimum of resources to convert the pictorial visual discourse into an event.

This exhibition reminds us of these two painters' dual condition as artists and teachers. Art is made up of fragments of truth, common truths that lead us unequivocally towards a knowledge of the History of Art. The artist is a teacher, and the awareness of contemporary man's immense cultural richness is translated into concepts, into an art of the future. The exhibition is presented to us as the climax of a cycle, one more link in the career of these two painters who are heading for a future full of projects and expectations. 

Decinti and Villalón transfer us through their painting, from their local space to the universal, metaphorical space of the spirit and the soul, a place where curiosity and hard work give way to the sound tranquillity of the artist that does not bend to the passing whims of inspiration. Imagination is the fount of creativity, but only goes hand in hand with a mastery of the plastic arts and clear objectives. Thus, they have the last word

Raúl Alonso Sáez

Historiador del Arte

Coordinador de Exposiciones

Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

Autumn Look. Oil on linen, 30x40cm. 1997.jpg

Autumn look. Oil on canvas 30 x 40 cm. 1997

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